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Why Window Film?

Why Window Film? Energy Efficiency; :: Window film adds a Second/Third piece of Insulation to your Single/Dual pane windows. Think of it like a “Shield” against all the harmful rays of the Sun. :: Lowers the Cost of your energy bill whether it is your A/C or Heating...

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Local Business Wins Top Award at Solar Gard

Local Business Wins Top Award at Solar Gard®’s Annual Meeting for Panorama® Elite Window Film Entrepreneurs Bruce Slavich of Advanced Solar Control Tinting located in Ventura, California was honored as one of the best in North America for 2016 at 11th Annual Panorama...

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Commercial Building Solutions

Commercial Building Solutions Facility Managers today are increasingly looking at window film products to cut energy costs in their buildings, increase occupant comfort, reduce the glare that makes it harder to see computer screens;  and in some cases, provide a...

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Benefits of Solar Shades

Solar shades are a type of window treatment that protects the inside of the building. The sunlight’s rays are reflected instead of penetrating through the window, and the solar screens also actively absorb heat from the outside. Solar shades are a popular choice of...

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