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Save Money

Energy efficient window tinting increases the thermal “bounce” of your homes windows. It reduces solar heat gain which in turn will reduce the amount of time your air conditioner has to run. Tints also insulate your windows creating heating season energy savings!

Year Round Benifits of Use

Not only does our window film keep your house significantly cooler in the summer, it also keeps it warmer in the winter. Window film prevents heat from escaping your home, increasing your energy efficiency and lowering your home or business heating costs. It works 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

Protect Your Investments

When you draw the curtains, your house may get dark, but when they’re open there is zero protection from UV rays. Window film will block up to 99 percent of UV rays at all times, protecting not only your health but also your carpet, wood floors, walls, and furniture from fading.

Protection With A View

Protection With A View

Bruce was prompt, efficient and did an amazingly professional job! I needed my salon studio doors frosted and I could not be happier with the job he did!! I’m Super impressed and would recommend him/his business to anyone!

Kristi B.

Ventura, Ca, YELP!

Bruce at ASCTint was an expert in helping us decide on the right film for privacy, solar heat control and sun glare.

Dom H.

Ojai, Ca, YELP!

Bruce from ASCT did a great job recommending the best window film for my south facing sliding glass doors as well as frosted film for privacy on the bathroom windows. The installation was very good and efficient!

Russ R.

Newbury Park, Ca, YELP!

Protect Yourself From UV

Protect Yourself From UV

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